No two companies are exactly the same.
Neither are the spaces available at Anchor Office.

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Private, Shared or Team Space

Private Space

Many professionals like the privacy of their own office. It is all about being productive and comfortable in a space that relates to their work style. It is your office, your furniture and decorative accents that are meaningful to you. It is your place to be content and to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Shared or Team Space

Often a shared office space for two or more persons or even your whole team is needed. With today’s streamline and flexible office furniture, we can assist you in designing the perfect workplace. You don’t have to invest in expensive office equipment, technology or furniture. All of this can be arranged quickly and all you have to do is get down to work

Office Space

The office spaces available at Anchor Office all vary in size and capacity. Schedule a tour to see first hand the offices that are available and how they can be utilized to help you perform your business needs. The floor plan shows the overall floor space with the common areas (for coffee breaks and printing) as well as the location of all available meeting rooms.